our vision

It's Simple...

At Faith Community church we
FOLLOW Christ in FAITH,  
SHARE the gospel of HOPE, and  
UNITE in LOVE for God and one another


As a community of believers we:
Worship God and submit to Him in prayer (Matt 22:37, John 4:23-24)
Walk in the Word through discipleship (Ps 1:1-2, 1 John 1:7)
Work in the Body of Christ for its edification (Eph 2:10)
Witness to others about the hope of the gospel (Acts 1:8, Rev 12:11)
Welcome one another into our homes and hearts (1 Pet 4:8-9, Acts 2:42)

So at Faith Community Church we want to make sure that we have activities, meetings, events, etc., that provide time for:
(1) worshipping God,
(2) applying the Bible in our study of it,
(3) working together as we use our gifts,
(4) reaching out to those outside the church, and
(5) practicing hospitality as Christians.  

We must not neglect any of these areas, and we must always review our budget and our schedule of services and activities to make sure that we are providing opportunities in each of these elements that we believe are crucial in helping people grow as disciples, or devoted followers, of Jesus Christ.

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